Kitty and Puppy Bambu Chillin

A couple of beds for your little one. Little one as in little furry fellow or ma’am, animals under 25lbs and inside the tiny customer dimensions. What’s inside this post are two beds, both of them designed by Corey Drew of Pet Lounge Studios. One is called the Bambu Hammock, the other is called the Bambu Lounger. Both are made with solid bamboo and both are made for your soon-to-be completely comfortable sleeping pet animal.

The Bambu Lounger is inspired by Scandinavian design, having a handmade bamboo base and a memory-foam filled mattress. Even I don’t have one of those. This kitty is an important kitty.

Frame: 26″L x 12″W x 9″H
Cushion: 24″L x 21″W x 3″H
Product Weight: 11lbs
Pet Weight Limit: 25lbs

The Bambu Hammock is for your tropical cutie. The cushion is stretched and connected on four corners by stainless steel carabineers and anchors usually used in the boating industry. Removable cushion for easy cleaning of all kinds of tiny puppy hairs.

Frame: 34″L x 25″W x 8″H
Cushion: 27″L x 21″W x 1″H
Product Weight: 10lbs
Pet Weight Limit: 25lbs

Designer: Corey Drew of Pet Lounge Studios