Disposable Fine Dining

Let me show you a little bridge. Not across a body of water, but across lifestyles, functionalities, and coffee cups. Keeping in mind the Fast Food and reactionary Slow Food movements in dining, designer Kimming Yap created this completely disposable set of fine dining dinnerware. It’s called “Lugum” and it consists of an espresso cup, cappuccino cup, wine cup, shot cup, dish plate, and soup bowl. Designed with a wall thickness of 1.5mm and no undercuts for thin-gauge thermoforming manufacturing process.

Espresso cup and cappuccino cup made to interact with a handle that is customary to coffee drinking. Handle profile integrated into contour of the cup, making it an intuitive pinching area. The wine cup is similar, with a stem customary to wine and liqueur drinking. The plates integrate a single profile with two sides customizing the way the food can be presented. The bowl, also, is shaped in a way that easily allows the user to scoop it up from the base and sip sip sip.

Each of these items is designed to work intimately with the user, giving them the functionality of genuine tableware with all the convenience of disposables. Easy to stack, purchasable in bulk, made entirely out of cereplast bioplastic – entirely compostable, using at least 50% less energy than traditional thermoplastics.

Designer: Kimming Yap for Creativeans