Crutchin for Life

For those who’ve been in a position to use crutches since they were a wee little person, a single size or even a traditional “adjustable size” crutch isn’t as awesome as it could be. Consider the following, if you will: “Lifelong Crutches” by Beomsik, Eunsil, Soonho, Bomi, and Bohyuk. These’ve thought of it all, including a circular bottom to due away with that pesky crutch-in-drainpipe situation, and buttons, switches, and slides that can adjust for any size and shape person.

And look at that lovely handhold there. What a fabulous 12 degrees. Then of course, as with all modern transportation, replaceable plug-n-play parts and collapsibility are the crowning features on this contraption.

Designers: Beomsik Yoon, Eunsil Mok, Soonho Jung, Bomi Kim, and Bohyuk Im