One Gigantic Talking Table

The designers at KINZO have bestowed upon the world a gigantic table. This gigantic table is designed and executed by KINZO for Ernst & Young, a group that hates hitting the toes of the people they have meetings with. It’s a huge table, one that depending on your perspective looks like, quote, “a starship, a deep-sea ray or a hydrofoil.” It’s an epic atmosphere for epic meetings, making whoever’s in the meeting seem quite epic.

AMPLE legroom, so much legroom, the most legroom you’re ever going to see in a giant table such as this. Fifteen people are able to sit around this giant comfortably. The structure of the table’s based on a circular beam, the inner ring supporting the cantilevered table surfaces. That all means its singular. Like it’s a wondrous oneness of perfection.

And man, there’s four flush-mounted “media tanks” that hide cables and provide power and network access for all the futuristic devices. This is the future. The future of talking over giant tables.

ALSO NOTE: the building you see in the gallery below is the location where the table is, that fantastic building where Ernst & Young do business. Fits the aesthetic, yes?

Designer: KINZO