Fold Your Saddle

It’s time to fold that transport all the way up. Get atop your bike, ride it, then store it. No more leaving it outside for bike thieves to chop up for you, nay! This is “Le Pliable,” a fold-up bike concept by Saul Maret. This one’s based on the central headset position with an X silhouette. Foldable in the frame, saddle, pedals, swingarm, and handlebar.

Depending on where you’ve gotta store it, you can fold one or all of the things I just listed. Do what’s gotta be done! All spare parts are standard, too, so this bike can be repaired easily at any of your local bike shops. Then when you’ve got to lug it around after it’s folded, no worries: the folded position affords a wheel still moving so that you can push it around like a golf caddy.

Designer: Saul Maret