Caterpillar Stretcher Scoffs At Stairs

Caterpillar stretcher unit provides ergonomic and time saving transportation. 80% of patients being moved to the hospital by ambulance are not acute cases. They are conscious and aware of what is happening. However carrying a stretcher downstairs, with a 100-kilo person is not a pleasant experience for a patient or the paramedics. The patients feel insecure, and often in panic reacting by grabbing the stair railing which can result in a fall for all three involved, especially as they are often carried downstairs in a backwards position. Because it takes two paramedics to carry out this task, they must make extra trips up and down to fetch equipment and the patient’s belongings. With the Caterpillar Scoop it’s possible for one paramedic to move a patient downstairs, the second paramedic can carry the equipment.

Designer: Morten Wagener

Caterpillar Scoop