One Frame to Many Frames

Over the past few years, digital photo frames have become a rather popular gift to be given to friends and family at holidays, a staple to be kept in living rooms around the world, a great way to show entire albums at once for all walks of life. But up until now each of these frames has only been able to work on their own. How would you like to have a modular system of these frames, able to work in tangent with one another, all in-box ready to use at your command?

I know you’ve seen something similar to this (multiple screens used as one), but those are (all?) hacked or working with functions secondary to their main function. What we’re looking at here is a project called “{ Story }.” What { Story } does is work alone as an extremely simple photo-sized display (with no frame, beautiful!), sitting in row with multiple displays just like it. They can be used individually or in many different combined ways.

Pan and zoom, make your photos flip through in chronological order, explore your photo album at a touch of your finger, combine the photos into one gigantic photo or a collage of many, and reset!

Designers: Liang Yanjie and Joanne Tan