A Shelf of Division

For there was a need to separate items upon a shelf, and there was need for the shelf itself, there was, thustly, the “Separation Shelf.” Designers Shay Carmon and Ben Klinger have created this lovely modular shelving system for couples of people living together in slightly separated space. A 2.5m oak lumber board with grooves ever 10cm, held up by a possible four metal supporters that also act as hangers for thangs below.

And whatsoever they own, that they shall take. Upon a breakup or moving apart of any kind, the owners of this shelf are able to not only take their half of the junk, they can also take their half of the shelf.

That’s right! This shelf can break into more than one piece, but make sure you leave a couple of notches in the broken bit so you can re-wall once more.

Designers: Shay Carmon & Ben Klinger