These crinkle-cut fry-shaped bag clips add an adorable sense of whimsy to your kitchen

You wouldn’t be the first to think those are edible.

It may seem like chips, but you’ll be surprised to know that they’re actually clips! Meet Peleg’s Fries Clips, a set of adorable bag clips designed in the shape of crinkle-cut fries, the kind made popular by Shake Shack. While the clips look pretty delightful (and delicious) on their own, they look absolutely perfect when paired together in Peleg’s fries box, which models itself on the kind popularized by a certain fast food chain. The box acts as a perfect ‘stand’ for the clips and can be placed upright on a kitchen countertop. Armed with a magnet on the back, it can be easily affixed onto a refrigerator too, making the bag clips handy when you’re snacking in the kitchen.

Designer: Peleg Design

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The clips are designed to be used like every standard pair of clips. Secure them around open bags of chips and other snacks, or a packet of bread. The clips seal the bag again, keeping the items inside fresher for longer.

Each set comes with 12 fry-shaped clips and a laminated paper box with a magnet attached to the back. The clips can be reused multiple times… just don’t accidentally try to chomp down on them!

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