Dedon Yin Yang Furniture by Nicolas Thomkins

Dedon has designed a completely unconventional collection of furniture that has its origins in the harmony of forms: the Dedon Signature Collection, Yin Yang. The idea came to designer Nicolas Thomkins on the Island of Cebu’s beach of Olango. He sketched out the first draft of the design in the sand with a stick: a piece of furniture made up of two elements that appear as if they were formed by nature like stones worn down by water or sand dunes shaped by the wind.

Yin Yang unites the dynamic opposites of ancient Chinese philosophy into a harmonious interplay of color and form the bronze- and platinum-colored fibers reflect this harmony in alternating convex and concave surfaces. Surrounded by 4 km of woven fiber, they caress both the eye and the body; integrated seating depressions provide space for one person each.

The 4,000 meters of fiber was a challenge that at first had to be mastered by even the best weaving craftsman at the Dedon manufacturing facility in the Philippine island of Cebu: a work of art that unites two elements into a flowing form was the result of close cooperation between the designer and the development team.

Designer: Nicolas Thomkins [ Product Page ]


  • Kahoneez says:

    I like this very much, very clean and almost organic looking and a nice balance between shape and fabric. Both stand out very artistically.

  • Cristina says:

    where is the top view that i saw on the thumbnail?

  • zvvxxvvxz says:


  • 霽月瀛台 says:

    what a conventional idea.
    sick of that kind of chinese culture out door design.
    P.S. I am a chinese, and I know much about the idea of yin yang. That kind of design is flooding many by some conventional “designers”.

  • 霽月瀛台 says:

    what a conventional idea.
    sick of that kind of chinese culture out door design.
    P.S. I am a chinese, and I know much about the idea of yin yang. That kind of design is flooding many by some conventional “designers”.

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