Come, Tell Me Your Fears

As grown-ups we are mature enough to deal with stress and fears in an adult fashion. But with children it’s a different rationale. You never know what situations may trigger fear and what objects may give comfort. To cope with growing pains of children aged between 6 and 9, is this unique toy called Echo. Modeled on the lines of the string-phone, the toy has an acoustic pipe running from its ear to its belly, so that they can tell it secrets for safe keeping. Naturally the voice gets modified in the belly, creating unique sound effects of a conversation.

Echo has a small pocket on its side, to keep emotional objects like pictures etc. How thoughtful!

I’m sure as a child many of you must have been attached to some toy or a comforter for security. Mine was this old tattered doll that I used to carry everywhere! She was my best friend and I used to play teacher for her! What was yours…care to share?

Designer: Emi Schenkelbach