A Fresh Anvil Bike

Oh yes! A lovely new bike. ASI Kestrel hired Anvil Studios to design a fabulous new carbon filter Time Trial bike. Collaborating with design consultant Sean Horita they’ve made this “4000LTD.” It’s a really nice lookin bike, I gotta say. It’s high-end, integrates molded-composite features with “cutting-edge aesthetic identity”, and both empowers and expands the identity of the Kestrel brand.

Kestrel’s legacy is that of a “brutal expression of forward motion.” That’s pretty hardcore. This bike is so hardcore in that capsule of energy that it was code-named “Ginsu.” The top tube connecting the seat and the head is “ruthlessly horizontal.” Bike design is serious business!

Each of several of the tube profiles taper to knife-sharp trailing edges letting the user know they’re rolling on a bike with high technicality and craftsmanship. The final name for codename Ginsu is “4000LTD.” Rough!

Designer: Anvil Studios for ASI | Kestrel