Floating on Clean Air

In an effort to bring the environmental movement above the clouds, Thomas Tzortzi’s designed an airship for the world. Tzortzi concentrated on the culture of tourism prevalent throughout the entire world, airplanes rocking and rolling above the stratus, creating what’s undoubtedly an unnecessary pollution. This airship also aims to lie on the design line between art and science, working it hard in both form and function.

“How can Design; Inform, Inspire, Provoke, social and environmental solutions?”

That’s Tzortzi’s question here, and this airship’s his major stab at a solution. Of course there is no one answer, and there is no perfect solution, but look here, this airship’s a severely magical amalgamation. It’s like a fantastic whale creature looking to carry you across the clouds.

This airship seats 8. Eight exclusive, luxury seeking, super rich folks. Tzortzi notes: “This may seem out of context with a project that features high social and environmental consideration, but it is Designed to create aspiration for Airships to be brought back practically.” The airship travels at a slow speed, providing time for passengers to enjoy their trip and see the sights they’d otherwise not have time to take in from on high. Solar power panels spread across the top of the ship, the ship full of helium, no harm is done in this transport in the least. There’s a viewing capsule in the gondola, a sundeck across the top of the ship, and a viewing room in the nose of the structure.

Built by local engineers, constructed with local materials.

Designer: Thomas Tzortzi