Not Just a Duck

If you ever travel to Wisconsin Dells in Wisconsin, USA, you’re going to find two things – one, lots of waterslides, two, ducks! Ducks in Wisconsin are boats with wheels, made for both land and water tourism. The post you’re reading right now isn’t a duck, it’s so much more! It’s the “Volkswagen Terrafine” and it’s designed by Niklas Palm for a union of water and land vehicles in a very rock and roll sort of manner. Landcruise then jet through the waves!

This magic machine carves. It’s made inspired by chris-craft boats and skateboards, having a “carving-mode” in which wheel-arms move to allow the vehicle lean into corners in a unique way. Then, when on land, a special function allows the front wheels to lock as an anchor then drag the rest of the vehicle over obstacles like an earthworm. This makes this off-road land vehicle mode keep the earth in “fine” condition, hence the title of this project “Terrafine.” Then there’s all kinds of other features, too!

Battery pack between the seats, torsion suspension, wheel-arms for everybody, in wheel electric engines, a suspension engine, and so much fun for anyone daring enough to fly around in it.

Although it can’t fly yet. Maybe that’s next!

Designer: Niklas Palm