How to Cut Waves with Speed

Industrial designer Jan Gielens creates a boat called “Breaking,” Yanko Design breaks a post about breaking. The people who read about Breaking have their nose-cartilages broken after having crammed them against their computer screens, and all is well. It’s a giant shape. It’s a tiny boat shaped like a boat you’ve never before seen, let me assure you. You’ll be cruising so hard in this Breaking boat you wont ever want to pilot one of those “old-timey” boats again. Cruise hard!

This boat is a product of studies done by former lecturer (Agora department of Universidad Libre Las Colinas) Jan Gielens. The first of these studies dates all the way back to the 1980s. This vehicle is designed based on sound fluid mechanic principles, using a series of aero and hydrodynamic properties thatmake this boat go very very fast.

The specifics aren’t tabulated yet for actual speed, but with the low motor capacity, aerodynamic nature, and static air cushion it creates, Breaking completely avoids “plowing through” waves and “bult sleep” (which, when translated from Dutch, of course means “hump drag.”)

Think starfighters used in Revenge of the Jedi. Tiny, made for short distances, perfectly powerful. Made to be used like a sharp knife.

Designer: Jan Gielens


  • Dakoroman, Sydney says:

    Dakoroman, Sydney: all the technologies regarding fluid mechanics principles are based/ copied/ inspired from the "ancient" representations. I sugest anyone, regardeless of their countries, cultures or religions to have a closer look at the religious buildings, especially the tops of them, but also fountains, old or new buildings; invariably, the technologies are there, "in your face mate", for everyone to see and understand.
    This boat calleed "BREAKING" is judst a customised example.

  • This called innovative technology. Salute…! is it really exist? or just prototype?

  • new stuff says:

    Very innovative! I' ve just looked it up at their webpage. If you want to take a look: Good work!

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