The Amazing Expander Bike!

It’s called the “Kilobike” and it’s totally magical. You can tell em I told you so. It’s designed to “expand the identity and usage of today’s kids bikes.” Made for Seed, designers at Kilo Design made this a bike to remember. If you’re from a bike family, even if you were the only one in your family to own a bike, you remember having to upgrade to a big-kid bike. It was a sad day, but no more!

This bike has the capability to expand along the years 6 to 12 years, multiple settings. Made to provide ergonomically correct conditions and “good outlook at all stages.” Goodness!

I love the blue tires the most. I had a bike with big fat red tires, it was called “The Wave.” I missed it so much that I got a BMX bike, and that’s all I ride.

Designer: Kilo Design

Kilobike expandable bicycle by Kilo Design




  • p says:

    cool concept. definitely a money saver, I know my mom hated buying me a new bike every other year because my knees were hitting the handlebars. I think you might run into some geometry issues – generally, along with frame size, the geometry and layout of a frame can change dramatically to produce consistent handling and behavior across a range of sizes. But you could probably tweak this frame to be pretty close. Really hate that seat though. Really.

    • M.S.W. says:

      The seat definitely has to be replaced with one more friendly to the anatomy of that region of the male human body.

  • Achutha rao says:

    What about the weight of the bike to be handled at the age of 6years? The ability to manage weight at different ages is different. Also the Cg of the body gets shifted towards rear wheel!

  • Andrej says:

    Most recumbent bikes are made adjustable for people of different heights.

    This is a very, very simple design in itself.

  • Amar says:

    The design and concept is fine but what about the reliability, will it go well on the streets………….

    • DaLk says:

      No. Just take a closer look at the front of the frame, how it is articulated and imagine the efforts you’ll have to do to turn or just keep it straight.

      Seriously… how can one spend time enough to produce sketches and rendering of something so blattantly flawed and not seeing anything -_-.

      i dont mind the absence of brakes, light and “details”, though it shows some lack of concern, but the saddle… you can tell it’s a “nutcracker” just by looking at the sketches :D.

      By doing so, you’ll notice that the pedals go really to high for the younger kids.

      i don’t dislike the style, though

  • One bike for entire life … Great design

  • chris says:

    great, but how do you actually get one?!

  • Nout says:

    Quite allright, but my biggest issue is wheel size..

    When you’re 6 small wheels are oke, you have a lot of energy and don’t mind having to make a lot of pedalmovements to make your wheel go round.

    But as you get older you get stronger but(generally) slower muscles and don’t want to make that much pedal strokes to generate forward speed.. I think I’d become a nuisance.

    It could be fixed with gears but you’d still have the “fold bike” effect.

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