Maserati MC20 Dakar Edition is an adventurous Italian supercar challenging the Lambo Huracan Sterrato

Carmakers like Lamborghini and Porsche have made the bold move to test the viability of an all-terrain supercar with the Huracan Sterrato and 911 Dakar respectively. Interestingly, one imaginative designer has derived inspiration from such builds to come up with a concept Maserati MC20 Dakar Edition to conquer any terrain an off-roader would fancy. While one would argue that the Maserati Grecale and Levante SUVs already have a presence in the market for off-roading, this concept increases the stakes a level higher.

Destined to be a mid-engined supercar, the MC Dakar Edition rides on lifted suspension and gripper tires with additions like a pair of gripper hooks and a bespoke roof rack with front-facing lights. This fun project gives high weightage to fun and style over performance, so the conceptualizer doesn’t propose any upgrades to the mid-mounted twin-turbo V6 engine capable of generating 538 lb-ft of torque.

Designer: spdesignsest

Keeping in mind this build is a Dakar edition, so the off-road modifications will disturb the aerodynamics and add to the overall weight. This will directly impact the top speed and acceleration. But if this supercar is off-roading for most of its clocked miles, it won’t matter. Continuing with the off-roading character of the vehicle, there are satin-finish aluminum skid plates on the rear and bumper extensions for a beefier profile. No doubt this concept would look dapper compared to the modified MC20.

We are not counting on the probability of this concept making it to real life as the designer works for 7 Design House which is a tuning company that has already weaved their magic on the Maserati MC20 Coupe and Cielo for visual enhancements. If potential owners like the idea of a Maserati turned into a Dakar Edition version, we could have a real version too in the future.