Cars in Halfsies

When you’ve got a whole barrel full of money, that is, when you’re completely rich, you have the luxury of choosing your own ultra-fabulous car. And when you do, you want not only a beautiful interior and exterior, not only do you want a fabulously running car, you want it to say something! I don’t mean like knightrider, no, I mean you want it to be an expression of who YOU are. This is the Bentley “Jeckyll and Hyde.”

Be you evil? Be you nice? Be you a monster? Be you a professor of speed?

Designer Bora Kim didn’t just want one car. Thustly, there are two. This Jeckyll and Hyde concept goes along the lines of what Kim predicts will be the next wave of high-class cars – “Eco Luxury.” That being conscious of how what you’re purchasing is effecting the environment you’re going to drive it in. It’s just smart, yes?

The Jeckyll and Hyde differentiates itself from the eco-car movement a slight bit because it is meant to be “luxury.” Thus it aims to combine Art and Philosophy. This is meant to come out in the aesthetics of the car. The waves, the whooshes, the loveliness.

The car’s working bits! They are this: power generated from solar, wind, and electric sources. A moving surface which, like a sunflower, aims itself toward the largest sunlight source. When wind power is easier to access, it turns to that. The technology isn’t quite all there yet, but the idea in this concept is to change the minds of those with the cash first. Investing in technological breakthroughs in ecological safety methods is the new black.

Investing in intelligence, not size and material.

Be you a lover of the darkness or of the light, all your green functions are yours to ride with. Both Jeckyl AND Hyde save the world with their wind power generators and flexible solar panels, for they are one, and when the root of all evil (cash money) is turned into planet-helping functions, the good shines through.

Designer: Bora Kim


  • mif991 says:

    Don't like it. But beautifully executed and detailed.

  • GUNDAM says:


  • GUNDAM says:


  • Tim says:

    Total B.S.
    You can’t effectively generate wind power in a car. Generating wind power requires an increase in air friction and because power transfer is never 100% efficient, the extra energy used to overcome the added friction outweighs the energy returned by the wind generator. The reason this works in a stationary wind turbine is because it’s not trying to propel itself down the autobahn at speeds upwards of 200mph. These have the benefit of being tethered to the earth.
    Sure, you could say that the wind generators could act as airbrakes to generate only when the car is decelerating, but hybrid cars already use this kind of a system in the brake rotors and direct induction from the rotating wheel is much more effective than trying to spool up a turbine for induction charging. The solar panels on the car’s surface don’t seem greatly feasible in that the added weight of the panels and actuators would far outweigh the benefit of solar generation.
    Pasting “green” buzzwords onto the surface of a cool design takes some of the cool away. Stop trying to hide the fact that everyone wants a wicked fast luxury car way more than they want to attempt to save the planet by miniscule increments. Just accept that fact and pick another battle to greenwash.

    Awesome car, by the way. Sorry for venting.

  • wow this wonderful design cars

  • arlind says:

    and the engine is an asincronic 3phase or a dc sincro? and how much power infact, this is a british luxury radical chic car. so for the bentley cars, tradition is a mix of luxe and power. but this time it is like a citroen, original and futuristic. i would like to see specification cars and inside desine. THIS IS THE CAR OF THE COMUNISM!

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