Clippy Custom Moustaches!

The newest in false mustache technology! What you’re about to look at are clips for those with face-hair envy, these are “Old Thomas” mustache clips by Pavel Sidorenko! In this project is the potential for a better world. As a mustache haver myself, I must say, if you havn’t tried wearing one, you haven’t lived. And here’s your newest and best opportunity. Clip one on!

Each mustache is severely simple, lovely, black-only, fashionable to the max. Wear one to the office or to a dinner party to impress your new date! Plug one in to liven up your old love live if you’d like, too! These are right up there in my favorites with the bandana madness of Burlesque Design. All mustache technology is technology I support.

Designer: Pavel Sidorenko

Old Thomas Moustaches by Pavel Sidorenko