World’s Largest Wristbound Curve

When you’ve got a watch on your wrist, you’re constantly saying something about yourself. That’s changed since the beginning of watches. When wrist watches were first invented, you definitely said something about your identity when you wore one. Then there was a long period when everyone had one – it was standard to have one. Now, in this age of pocket-sitting clocks on mobile phones, again the age of wrist clock fashion is born. Curve ID knows this.

What Curve ID presents here is two different wrist watches, both of them for the NIKE corporation. You’ll see the lighter-gray watch that goes by then name Triax Mia, very sassy, then there’s the Vapor 300 which boasts the market’s largest curved LED screen. How about that?

Designer: Curve ID


Nike Vapor 300 and Triax Mia watches by Curve ID