The Minimalist Multi-Clock


The latest from time-enthusiast Vadim Kibardin, the Classic Duet Wall Clock is so named for its dual analog/digital time reading features. It’s super-simplistic, with a minimalist aesthetic in a classic white color scheme. During the day, it’s possible to tell the time using the hour and minute hands, but at night it comes in handy by displaying the time in a bright digital format. Better yet, users can put them in sync to display the same time or display different times zones!

Designer: KIBARDINdesign Studio






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  • John says:

    The digital part of this clock is so subtle I actually had to do a double-take to see it. Of course, when it’s dark I imagine it’s much easier to notice. It’s nice to see a dual clock that doesn’t use giant digital numbers that put out a lot of light. Thanks for sharing!

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