Vinyl Record Clocks of Many Shapes

Now, before I begin explaining what’s going on here, I’ve got to say that this ISN’T the first time I’ve seen someone apply the clock idea to a vinyl record. But- but! This is the first time I’ve seen someone do it so masterfully. These clocks are laser-cut to shapes that are fantabulous, wild, and weird. There’s a gun, a bird, a coffee pot, whatever you desire. Now think about that, that’s three ideas smashed into one – clock, music platter, and a die roll of a third ingredient.

In addition to the enticing nature these clocks already present, let me throw another tasty carrot into your soup: perfect uniqueness. Each one of these records is cut to a pattern that can be reproduced, right? That’s not the unique part. What is unique is both the rotation the plate is at when it’s under the laser, yes, and then the limited nature of the plate itself. Every record you put your hands on is limited edition. Did you know that?

Take a peek! If you’ll look close up with your eyeballs at the rim around the sticker center of the vinyl, you’ll see an etched set of numbers and/or letters, along with a mark or initials. This is the mark of the inspector! Each and every record you put your hands on is inspected by a unique inspector for quality assurance. This inspection process has always lent itself to high quality records of course, but along the way, has also added a rare value to each piece of music history. And now- time history!

*”plate” is another word for “record”, this comes from the idea that the record resembles a plate that you’d put your food on and eat off of.

Designer: Pavel Sidorenko