A Bird-Shaped Camera

When you think about a concept, there’s always a first use that comes to mind. When I think of a bird-shaped camera, I immediately think of it being used to collect photos of birds. Certainly birds would be more apt to get close to a camera that’s shaped like a bird, yes? They’re comfortable in the eyes of another bird, more than a human, anyway. Well how about this – what if those cameras were instead used to capture images of people disobeying traffic laws on the road?

Scary! Amazing! And oh my goodness, how it could work! You’ve got these birds on the wire, taking photos or video of people committing traffic crimes and wow, the crimes that will be caught. And then, as designer Thomas Valcke notes, there’ll be a collection of people who know that these birds are watching them. Paranoia sets in, as it always does, and these people begin to fear every bird watching them!

Big Brother? No way. Big Bird.

Designer: Thomas Valcke

Birdcamera by Thomas Valcke