Gun on Wheels

Let me just stop you right there. This thing is called the “Robotic Weapon”, but don’t be fooled! All this is really is a teleoperated MIl-Sim non-lethal paintball gun mounted on a 4-wheel-drive E-Maxx RC vehicle. Does that sound like anything you know? I remember a television show about these sorts of things I think. This lovely war machine’s alternate names are: “Kill Bot,” “Mega Hurtz,” “The Wireless Weapon,” and “SWAT BOT.”

It’s an all-aluminum lipo powered unmanned ground machine designed specifically for law enforcement. But I’ll tell ye what, I would LOVE to mount a spray can on top of there, or fill the paintball ammo with a rainbow assortment.

Capable of speeds around 50mph, controlled by remote with barrel cam vision. Night vision, fully controlled by one person per car.


Designer: Rogers Design Group


Robotic Weapon by Rogers Design Group