Serendipitous Curiosity

Serendip is a portable device that helps you explore the world in a… for the lack of a better word, serendipitously. The design revolves around personalization and interaction. There’s a small screen, a wireless communication aspect and a camera. The user is to go around snapping, recording and cataloging everything. The skin even changes in pixel density to represent how much memory is left.

It’s a bit esoteric but I’d assume it could be used as a research tool – say if I knew I wanted to research everything there was to know about Sea World. Well now I have something that lets me conduct that research other than pen and paper.

Designer: Thomas Troch

Serendip Multimedia Research Device from Thomas Troch on Vimeo.

Serendip Multimedia Research Device by Thomas Troch










  • Eric says:

    So you made an awkardly-shaped camera phone and called it a “research tool”.

    There’s a reason a camera is shaped the way it is. Point, aim, press the button, mess with aperture/f-stop etc. Goes with the curve of both hands. This design is awkward in the sense that it looks difficult to handle. Also, the “flip” picture-capturing method looks like you would have to make guess-work of the photo. When taking a photo you make precise measurements and frame the photo, this does not.

    Also, the belt-clip idea… There’s a reason why normal belt-clips on devices are such insignificant pieces. To make the ENTIRE device this shape makes it look cartoony

  • Tim* says:

    Love it!

  • mif991 says:

    The shape will not “evoke” a coolness factor with teens. it has to be sleeker and/or look like Apple designed it.

  • Patrick De Smet says:

    Its a beautifully designed tool. I would like to see it working but in any case it’s full of possibilities. Many congrats, Thomas! I hope it will have a bright future!

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