Wood Yacht Fantasy

I almost titled this post “Orange Yacht Fantasy” because the redness in the seats throughout this fabulous ship. It really brings out this yellow tones in the wooden decks, but then I realized, yes, they are wood. And it’s totally sexy. Sexy like a boat is sexy. This is the “Sentori 50 L”, a 50 feet flybridge motor yacht. Its length is 15.3 meters, its beam is 5 meters, its displacement is 18 tons, and it’s got so many features that you’ll be swimming in em. Or you would, but you’ll be on a YACHT.

This orange momma has 2 x 900 PS YANMAR engines with a max speed of 40 knots. The co that ordered this sassy lady is Albatross Yachts and Composite ltd, Taiwan, so that’s who you’re gonna have to speak with if you want one. Motion Code Blue are the designers of water cruising dreams.

NOTE – here’s an extra tidbit sent in the mail to me from MCB about the wood:

The building material of the yacht is GRP, glass reinforced plastics, hull, superstructure and greenhouse are made out of this. I hope there is no misunderstanding regarding the wooden yacht, just all decks are covered by a teak wood decking which is almost standard in such a price segment.

The renderings are done in an evening light situation, so the silver varnish appears bronze-colored or wooden.

Super neat.

Now, if you’re an avid reader of Yacht-related posts on Yanko, you might recognize the hull design from the SENTORI 50 R, also designed by Motion Code Blue. Know why? Because it’s the same. The outside of this boat, for the most part, is the same as the 50 R, but in this case it’s got several greenhouses and flybridge layout options. And it’s much more colorful.

The dining table at the rear seats 8 and has a hot plate integrated into the surface. An extendable sunroof expands from the top deck to lessen the direct sunlight or to stop sprinkling rain, if you’re in that sort of a situation. In addition to the red sun beds and sofas, there’s a silver and black varnish throughout to make this boat a unique vision. The last thing you see at the back of the boat is the bathing platform, a small pool for children or a large storage space if not full of water. The steering console, other than the wheel, that means all the screens and gauges and whatnot, slides down completely out of view when not in use. On the top deck behind the driver there’s a sink, cooler, and food preparation area (for mixing drinks and whatnot.) Between the driver’s seat and the sink there’s a 37″ retractable LED-television.

And there’s a gold bar dispenser, and a drink-of-the-gods creator. Or I wish there was. Almost there! Nearly perfect yacht! ALSO before I forget: everyone should feel free to buy me this yacht. It’s kind of a tradition that I say I’m about to go buy the yacht or someone should buy me the yacht I’m writing about, so feel free to do that, this is my favorite one yet. Real orange only though, please. Hotness.

Designer: Motion Code Blue

Sentori 50 l Yacht by Motion Code Blue