A bicycle with a booty!

Bicycles come in many shapes and sizes. There was the Penny-Farthing, with its enormous front wheel. Now there’s the Pursuit bike with the tables turned. Designed for speed, Pursuit bikes have the rider leaning aggressively forward, making it ideal for…well…pursuit. The 36/28 Postale bike (I didn’t come up with the name) is an urban bike in a pursuit bike’s clothes. Named after the diameter of the wheels (36 inches/28 inches), this bike’s got a super-symmetrical frame and a super-sexy aesthetic. Designed to be assembled together, you’ll notice its simple build, making it more of a build-it-yourself project.

The rear wheel is designed with the ability to accommodate an electric motor of sorts (pursuit moped?) or even large transport bags. Designer Paolo De Giusti is currently working on these add-ons. I’m sure we’ll feature that too when it’s ready in all its glory!

Designer: Paolo De Giusti