Car Height Bike Ride

This bike mimics the height at which you sit when you’re in a mid-sized car. That right there is amazing an innovation enough for me to do a post on it, but check it out, there’s more. The seat is also the same back angle and puts you in a place that allows your hands and feet to be in the same position as they’d be in your auto as well. Why? So you’re at eye-level with the rest of the traffic that’s flying around you. And it’s electric, if you want.

It’s the AutoVelo and before you read any further, I must tell you that this sassy little thing is an “Excellence Award Winner” from the 14th annual international Bicycle Design Competition at the 2010 Taipei Cycle Show. Hooray for winning awards for bikes!

It’s a motorbike, one that’s got the petals for if you feel like getting some exercise in addition to the lovely amounts of fresh air. It’s got a low-stepover frame, making it easy to get in and out of, and a low enough setting so it’s no trouble placing your feet upon the ground.

It’s a great platform for electric cycling with its rear wheel drive and battery mounted away under the frame.

And it has a backpack holder!

Designer: Eric Stoddard of SpeedStudio Design

AutoVelo by Eric Stoddard of SpeedStudio Design