Dirty Linen Goes Straight To The Closet!

The notion of dumping laundry in a basket and then taking it out on laundry-day will probably be redundant in the future. All you will need to do is hang your clothes in a specialized closet and await molecular technology to do its thing. The Clean Closet is your laundry basket, washing machine and drying cabinet – all rolled into one. Using its tech, it scans clothes for stains etc and removes it, freshens it (de-odorizes), and that too without using water.

Going by the multiple solutions perceived by designers for doing laundry, its either a detachable drum or cleaning clothes without water that seems to be the fixation. What do you think?

Designer: Michael Edenius

Electrolux Clean Closet - All in One Laundry Concept by Michael Edenius