The graphics on this Yoga Mat help guide you through stretches, exercises, and postures!

Perhaps one of the most ingenious uses of patterns I’ve seen in a while, the Kyoma Yoga Mat from 1026 Studio comes with a neat set of graphics printed onto it. However, look closer and they’re actually a catalog of 118 exercises/postures for you to choose from!

Fulfilling the role of a mat as well as an instructor, the Kyoma Yoga Mat really gives you a neat menu of positions to choose from. The mat’s graphics are split into two distinct categories with 59 stretching exercises and 59 yoga postures, and there’s even a kamasutra edition with 59 poses, but hey… we’re a family-friendly website. Go look it up on your own if you want.

The mat uses a two-layer construction, with a hypoallergenic cork upper, and a TPE base that prevents it from slipping or skidding while you meditate/exercise. The cork’s naturally anti-bacterial too, so all you need to do after a yoga-session is to wipe the sweat down and you’re good to go!

Designer: 1026 Studio

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