A Flowery Garden for your Tabletop

How would you like to get your hands on the soft, anti-slippery, easy to be cleaned pieces of rubber that are going to change you life?! Not a sex toy. No! These are for dinner, lunch, and breakfast. Made of some excellent silicone that’s all those features I just listed plus colorful, these are the buds of the “Sunflower” project. Made in different pallets of colors for the changing green seasons, these table pads are made in sizes appropriate for cups, plates, and any manner of pods.

When I say pods, I of course mean pots, pans, chip bowls, all of that fun stuff. It’s interesting that these flowers come in different combinations of colors, (that is, different single colors that you can combine based on season, party, whatever you feel like coloring your world on any given day,) as each of them is basically the same shape. Thus, given the shape, one must assume they are all the same flower.

But the same flower only has one season, right? Right, for the most part, but lo! Check it out – these pads only represent the idea of a flower, and only happen to have the specific name SUNflower. In fact, feel free to collect any number of colors and pop them out whenever you please.

Interesting note: check out how these fold up and out and clip. Rectangular to sun-like. Compact to a spread out beauty. Just like seed and flower. How pretty pretty pretty! And easy to store, yes!

Designer: Sunny Chung for Toast Living