Fadi baby bowl teaches little tots self-feeding

FADI Learning Tableware for Toddlers

Teaching kids proper table manners begins at home so it is mainly the responsibility of the parents or guardians or whoever is the primary caregiver. Knowing the proper tableware is a good start but what is more important is that children know how to feed themselves. Many will probably agree that knowing how a tool or tableware works is just half the battle because kids need to learn how to self-feed after some time. Allowing a baby or a toddler to feed himself acknowledges his power to make his own choices even at an early age. It’s just food, alright, but the act is good for a child’s development as it also aids in developing hand-and-eye coordination, hand and finger strength, and fine motor skills. This is true in most cases, but it can be observed that there are toddlers having a hard time learning self-control if they are still spoon-fed.

Designer: Jian Lu

FADI Learning Tableware for Kids

Solutions for such a dilemma are available, but everything is not absolute, because what we are offered is only supplemental to what the adults should teach the children. Fadi enters the scene to teach a little person to self-feed while helping the adults and reducing the cleaning time for parents after a messy meal. Of course, toddlers will still be frustrated, but the Fadi tableware is expected to assist both the child in self-feeding and the parent in caring for the little one.

FADI Learning Tableware

FADI Learning Tableware Features

The Fadi baby tableware was recognized at the 2021 Good Design Awards for its thoughtful design, features, and aesthetics. Designed by Jian Lu, the patented learning tableware set is meant to allow a more efficient self-feeding and easier cleanup. A toddler’s utensil set should not be complicated and must be easier to use; however, some styles available in the market are not exactly helpful.

FADI Learning Tableware Advantage

FADI Learning Tableware Benefits

Taiwanese industrial designer Jian Lu understands the need for simple-looking yet functional tableware because feeding a kid is not really easy, so he designed the tableware with efficiency and comfort in mind. The whole set actually includes different pieces: the toddler bowl with a lopsided design and a suction, a standable bent spoon with a curved handle, and a TPU cover. The suction keeps the bowl from slipping, the bent spoon is to make things easier for the toddler to carry food, while the spoon with its bigger handle is for easier grabbing.  The design of the Fadi allows a more enjoyable mealtime experience for everyone, and after a delightful meal, carrying out and washing are also easier.

FADI Learning Tableware Concept

This concept tableware is mainly a baby bowl that can teach the baby to learn to self-feed. The bowl won’t slip or fall off because of the strong suction, so even if the baby wants to release it, the bowl won’t fall. The Fadi tableware offers many other thoughtful functions so every mealtime can be enjoyable for the tiny tot. A happy baby means a happy mommy—so yes, what parent wouldn’t want to have this?

FADI Learning Tableware for Children

FADI Learning Tableware Details

FADI Learning Tableware Design