Waste No Waste; They Are A Treat For Plants!

If we talk about the future of dining (everyday home meals), it’s quite alright to assume ready-to-eat steaks and pot roast being available in capsules. Compact food meaning easier to cook and clean-up and this is where the Electrolux Eco Cleaner, a portable, compact dishwasher comes in play. Using ultrasonic waves to ionize food particles on the dishes, this dishwasher converts the food/grease to reusable compost for plants. Thereby waste will no longer be waste, but healthy meals for the greens. Squeaky Clean dishes, just a by-product!

Eco Cleaner is a part of the 2010 Electrolux Design Lab Completion!

Designer: Ahi Andy Mohsen

Electrolux Eco Cleaner - The Portable, Compact Dishwasher by Ahi Andy Mohsen








  • sinuic says:

    Ultrasound doesnt work for dishes!! check your assumption. Ultrasound cleaning has been kept in laboratory for certaini reason: it cleanses protein waste but greasy waste are not affected.

    • brian t says:

      But it’s an “ECO”! It uses solar cells! It doesn’t have to actually _work_, it just has to be “green” and look like it was designed by Apple. Didn’t you get the memo?

  • ehsan says:

    It is really well_designed and fantastic.
    wish you bests.

    good luck.

  • micahel says:


  • Totally cool! I don’t like how they name one of the pieces ‘manure tank’ (not sure I’d want to put my dishes anywhere near that!) but still a really great idea and something I’d definitely use if only I had a garden and the money to buy one of these (bet they’re expensive)

  • coontartorm says:

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  • Wow, amazing stuff and a product in which is very relevant to today’s society easy. it will be interesting to see what way the product actually turns out

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