Android Based Coffee Brewery

This thing makes coffee and spits out music. What more do you want? What more COULD you want? More? Alright well you’re in luck because this “Appresso” device does all that you want. It’s Android based. That means it’s amazing by itself. Then it makes coffee. Delicious coffee mmmm. It uses the Android technology to tell you info about the taste and scent of the coffee, then also reads QR-codes* from each coffee capsule, playing a specific song based on which pack you’ve scanned! My triple caffeinated cap plays Yanni in the morning.

*QR code is a gridlike system of black and white spaces, very often used in tangent with cellphone camera technology, very similar to a BAR code in most respects. Take a peek at the pictures below, you’ll know what you’re looking for right away.

Not only then can you read and play music from the packs (opening a whole new door for sound/taste collaboration), you can dock your own music player in the top as well. All of your little music devices, hooray.

Not for those who splash coffee all over the counter every morning.


Love it.

Designer: In-oh Yoo & Bong-yup Song for Metatrend Institute

In-oh Yoo & Bong-yup Song for Metatrend Institute