Concrete Memory, Get Totally Cemented

Using concrete for tech products is almost unheard of, so this Memory Weights USB Stick crafted from cement comes as a pleasant surprise. I really dig the way the capacity of the USB is branded into the block. Just to add a fun twist; the weight of the block is similar to the capacity in terms of grams…so simple and elegant, yet rugged!

Designer: Shu-Chun Hsiao


Memory Weights – Concrete USB Memory Stick by Shu-Chun Hsiao



  • tom says:

    What about one with 10 Terabyte? 😀

  • Iperpaolo says:

    Good idea to rediscover cement,a lots of plastic objects could be converted in cemented, but this thing will broke my NetBook into two pieces

  • fred says:

    Just what I needed… a heavier backpack

    • mani says:

      256 g is heavy to you?? maybe you need to exercise a little bit more… 😉

  • brian t says:

    Strictly speaking, it would be better to talk about Mass rather than Weight, if you are going to make it a design feature. Scales are only calibrated in grams for the sake of convenience here on Earth, but Weight is actually a force measured in Newtons (w = m.g). If one of these were taken up to the ISS, it would weigh nothing, bit it would still have the same mass.

    So, how about 1TB = 1N Earth weight? 256GB => 0.25 N => approx 25.5 grammes mass. About 1/10 the mass.

  • Jon Xuereb says:

    the weight equivalent hinders the ability to increase storage capacity too much

  • Hd3 says:

    Yeah… and what about a special ultra heavy weight supporting USB connectors?
    What a waste of time to make the 3D models of these…

  • Breddlbohrer says:

    Am I the only one checking the scale? 128g weights only 115g …

    • brian t says:

      Saw it, don’t care – it’s all virtual anyway, Blender and Photoshop. You don’t think the “designer” actually _made_ any of these, do you? That would mean getting his hands dirty.

      • Breddlbohrer says:

        Come on …

        So, if he really “actually _made_ any of these”, ok, then I would perhaps accept a difference of 13g (man, what a tolerance)


        Blender, Photoshop, [insert fancy stuff], and then the flaw with the scale … would be the work of a dilettante.

        Anyway, I love the concept 🙂

  • Wolfy says:

    How long before someone looses an eye at a LAN party when his buddy tosses it across the room to him?

    Concrete is a good idea, but I am thinking that these need a keyring or necklace hole on it and likely a silicone cover to make it softer for portability.

  • darknessangel says:

    I think this is perfect for the office! Not only will everyone give your usb stick back, but also… you may kill the perpetrator of any theft if found!

  • weight nazi says:

    actually, the 128g stick weighs 115 gramms. take a look at the scale!

  • terry says:

    It’s a really good way to find a use for all that extra concrete they ordered that they will no longer have a use for once they finally get the memo telling them they BUILT TOO MANY CONCRETE BUILDINGS AND THEY ARE IN A REAL ESTATE BUBBLE!
    Plus they can sell them on ebay!

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