Dozer for Asleep at Wheels

This is a bulldozer. It’s also known as a digger to some people (see: 5 year old version of myself.) The one you’re about to look at here is dubbed “Electric Dozer” by its designer Jin Namkung. While modern conventional big machines for moving weight like this are run on diesel, this one runs on electricity. It’s got heavy duty rechargeable batteries and 4 individual motors, one for each wheel. And. AND. It has SCANNERS!

Yes, it does have scanners as the previous sentence fragment would have you believe. As you can see from the supercool looking black and red image in the gallery below, this magic machine has scanners to alert the driver of any passers by. Seems to be an intuitive addition given how simple implementing safety alerts like these are today. What’s next you ask? Live internet posting of the results, of course!

Hooray for ray-beam-looking scan-o!

*also, per the title of this post: the scanners look like they’re taking the place of the driver, hence the “aleep at wheels”, but at the moment, these scanners are only in place to alert a very AWAKE driver to dangers around them whilst driving with their eyes OPEN. Not quite auto!

Designer: Jin Namkung

Electric Dozer by Jin Namkung