Does Spotted Towel Mean Measles?

Oftentimes we don’t realize that a towel is soiled, especially the dark colored ones. Although designer Sang-hoon Lee uses a white towel to get his point across, I can picture this being used effectively on darker shades. Expression Dot is a concept where your towel starts sporting red dots (measles?) once it gets really soiled. It does the routine of starting from pale red to blood-red, but I’m sure you don’t want to wait till it gets that dirty.

Although it’s not explained how exactly this process will work…I mean getting red-when-dirty, but I can totally figure the need for it. I do my laundry every other day, but some lazy-slob friends on mine need constant reminders like this!

Designer: Sang-hoon Lee

Expression Dot – Dirty Towel Indication Concept by Sang-hoon Lee