A Smartwatch for Warriors


For most of history, the traditional timepiece was purely defined by its aesthetics. For today’s smartwatches, it’s all about the guts! Suunto’s collection of Spartan smartwatches highlights its robust package of smart sports-optimized features with an elevated user interface designed by Kallan & Co.

Most impressive is that no part of the design’s face is spared from use. Between sport-specific data tracking to real-time sleep analysis, there is a massive amount of data to be presented to the wearer, so each section of micro real estate serves a purpose. Organized in an intelligent and easy-to-navigate way, its large state-of-the-art touchscreen makes it easy to review your stats and check live vitals whether you’re swimming or competing in a triathlon.

Designer: Tommy Incrosnatu & Lauri Incrosnatu for Kallan & Co