A 2-in-1 pillow that lets you sleep on your bed or at your desk!


No pillow has looked at the act of sleeping or napping as holistically as the Dullo. This nifty two-sided, custom-shaped pillow comes with a great deal of attention paid to all sorts of sleep, whether it’s on your back, your side, on a sofa, or even your workspace (that’s if your boss allows it). The Dullo is a perfect juxtaposition between a device with medical benefits, as well as a device that’s just great to use and own, because not only does the Dullo help you sleep healthier, it’ll make you look forward to sleeping!

Dullo comes with two separate pillow designs fastened to each other to form one single multi-purpose cushioned headrest. Analyzing different sleep patterns, either side of the Dullo is designed for a different sleep posture. A concave side gives your neck the perfect support to keep it and your spine in the correct posture when you sleep on your back, while a more uniform side with ridges allows you to sleep easily on your side. Depending on which posture you sleep in the most, the Dullo can easily be flipped to give you a comfortable night’s sleep. It even comes with a trapezoid design, allowing you to rotate the pillow to suit your comfort needs based on your ergonomics, your mattress type, or even your mood.

The Dullo comprises two individual halves that can be separated too. Splitting the Dullo in two gives you two thinner pillows that you can use either independently or hinged together to recline on a sofa or futon. Separating the Dullo in two also lets you adjust its height, giving you an additional bit of control over your comfort. The split-pillow design also gives Dullo an added use-case. You can slip your hands between two pillows and use the Dullo to sleep at your desk! Providing the perfect set-up for a power nap at the workplace, the Dullo’s split design cushions your head as well as your hands, allowing you to sleep while sitting at a table.

Dullo’s approach to perfect sleep extends to its construction too, with a breathable fabric exterior that keeps your head, neck, and arms cool and dry, and a short-thread microfiber stuffing on the inside that give the pillow the perfect combination of softness and shape-memory. The microfibers come with a coating of silicon too, making them moisture-repellent, and giving the Dullo the ability to be easily machine-washed every now and then, because hygiene also plays a major role in a healthy night’s sleep!

Designer: Dullo

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With the built-in grooves and head-cradling hole in its ergonomic design, Dullo Pillow will ensure that you get a good night’s sleep.

Designed to gently cradle and support both your head and neck. The center crater helps to evenly distribute the weight throughout your head during any sleeping position throughout the night so that you can get a good night’s rest.

Dullo Pillow is snug against the body so that there is less burden on the head and neck to support the rest of the body as you sleep.

Dullo Pillow delivers the best sleeping posture known to help people who suffer from insomnia, anxiety, stress and back/neck pain while sleeping.

5 Main Differences Between Dullo & Other Pillows

1. Distribute Your Head Weight

Other pillows allow for too much movement throughout the night which ends up interfering with the quality of sleep. The center crater in Dullo Pillow gently supports your head from all angles so that you can maintain a comfortable position all throughout the night.

2. Neck Support Tube

Dullo Pillow contains two support tubes that work to prevent the microfiber filling from shifting too much while simultaneously providing cushioned support for the neck. The tubes have been designed to perfectly mold to your neck so that it maintains its natural C-curve shape so that you can sleep deeply throughout the night.

3. Designed for All Neck Lengths

Dullo Pillow has been designed to provide maximum comfort and quality sleep for different neck lengths. Dullo Pillow adjusts your body position so that the spine aligns horizontally with the head and neck.

4. Microfiber Filling

Silicone-coated microfibers are elastic and resilient, so pillows with this filling are not easily deformed. Dullo Pillow’s coated fiber filler absorbs micro shocks from your neck and shoulders and allows you to sleep comfortably. Unlike ordinary cotton, Dullo Pillow’s coated fiber filler is highly water-resistant and breathable which allows for humidity/temperature control for a good night’s sleep.

5. Air Ventilation

Through the crown side hole and gap between the two detachable sides, airflow goes through both sides and circulates around the head so that you can stay as cool as possible while you’re sleeping with Dullo pillow.

Click Here to Buy Now: $69 $99 (40% off). Hurry, for a limited time only!