Designing Erasers

Let’s be metaphoric this Monday Morning and discuss how you would re-design everyday objects. As designers I’m sure you must be using pencils and erasers, so let’s just zero-in on erasers for the moment. How would you restyle this synthetic, perfumed piece of plastic so that it not only looks good but works effectively too. One of the things with erasers is that they erase better when they have a sharp edge. So does this mean the Pebble Eraser fits the bill? I think it does…

Designers: Ching-Chan Wang & Ya-Ting Yang [ Buy it Here, $5 @ the YD Store ]

Designers: Ching-Chan Wang & Ya-Ting Yang




  • LukeSF says:

    Great idea, Though, to my mind, they are more peeled potatoes (at least the way I used to do it) than pebbles 🙂

  • reality says:

    ‘we can sense the power of the nature by the erasing process’ what a load of toss.

  • Yuuta says:

    So basically it’s only a novelty eraser.

    Those “sharp edges” on the pebble are essentially useless after a couple rubs. Exactly the same as a standard shape eraser. Rather, is the real point of this eraser to turn it into a pebble? Generally pebbles are rounded and smoothed.

    Something like this would be more useful in the long run.

    • Tofu says:

      lmao, i didn’t know such things existed… only in japan.

      who has time to erase now a days. just “ttrow” it out and start over.

  • cute
    but I may erase everything I wrote to shape the pebble =P

  • DesignHey says:

    Funny Designs. Best eraser, haha

  • How about a good old-fashioned electrically spinning disk?

    Alternatively, is there a way to cure the proper vinyl at room temperature? It would be nice to have a thick tube of liquid eraser that formed into a very thin solid eraser on demand.

    If the eraser was soft but resiliant enough, how about a tree-style eraser where all of the branches are the proper size for an edged erase? Pull back the branches that you don’t currently want, and erase with your perfectly sized nub until it is gone. Then move on to another branch.

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