No Shelf For My Shampoo!

Less Soft may not be the apt name for a liquid soap /shampoo packaging, but the purpose behind the re-design is apt! The idea is to use a packaging that is eco-friendly and can adopt variations in skin, so that it becomes easy to distinguish between soap and shampoo when we are all lathered up! The material used to make the bottle is “self-resolved corn starch vinyl”, and has suction cups to stick the bottle to the wall. I dig the fish-shape the bottle takes,which is prominent when hung.

Designer: Jung Hyun Jee

Less Soft – Soap and Shampoo Packaging by Jung Hyun Jee




  • yenter says:

    I think what would be a great improvement (from what I can see) is to figure out some way to make it refillable, and in a clean way. Doesn’t look refillable to me…

  • sinuic says:

    lets think how to make a simple packaging (one material) more complicated while more “ecological” (corn + suction+ other part for the opening)

    And when its almost finish, it looks harder to get the last drop

  • Sejoon says:

    I want this one.

  • natalia says:

    The suction cups will never hold the weight of the soap. Imagin what would happen when you sqeeze.
    And I agree that it doesn’t look refillable.
    Besides this it looks nice! =)

  • Alejandra says:

    Corn pastic is not ecological, it uses a large amount of water and energy to be produced and it cannot be recycled like common plastics. Besides I would surely be for eco-frendly if it was refillable.

  • Ana says:

    How many does it cost? This packaging?

  • Kjell says:

    Where are these bottles produced?

  • Cayri says:

    I want to know If I could Buy some samples of this soap dispenser.

  • subodh says:

    I want this one .contact me …

  • Sergio Díaz says:

    I interesting to get more information abolir to get this product, do you have the machine or is just a domie

  • J Meglic says:

    I would like to purchase. please contact me.

    thank you

  • Caroline Westerstahl says:

    Hi, would like to order if possible. Please contact me:)

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