For Those Who Still Own CD Albums

And for those of you who still buy CD albums? Hands up, everybody who still purchases music CDs from the record store. Wild! Some of you do? Alright then, let’s get on with it. Here’s a way for you CD-o-philes to get your aesthetic pleasure on. You open your cd, listen to it for a while, then put it away – where? In your brand new “Qubiq” case, right up there on your wall! Isn’t that pretty?

The Qubiq stores one cd package and its accompanying album. The album case fits in the inside of the Qubiq, sliding in on a vertical drawer, while the cd fits on a big of high-density foam on the front.


Hope you own a lot of Radiohead and White Stripes albums!

Designer: Kenneth Lylover

Qubiq CD Storage and Display by Kenneth Lylover