No More Tape And Scissors!

Many may not be aware but our ed-in-chief Long Tran is in the process of building up his fashion line for men, and I helped him out a bit by getting some T-shirts dyed here in India. While I received his package in good shape, sending the Tees back in this big brown box was a nightmarish story! Triple rounds of duct tape and many snips later, the box still looked a bit insecure to me. Concepts like “No More Tape And Scissors” can come in handy for folks like me, who don’t ship goods on a regular basis and find professionals too expensive.

Designer: Jaesik Heo


No More Tape And Scissors – Packaging Box by Jaesik Heo



  • Youpet says:

    This box looks like a simplier version of the box used in France in our post office :

    (maybe that’s your point : almost like a normal package, but you don’t need anything…)

  • photemis says:

    What would be the advantage of this over having longer flaps instead with the glue on the overhang? Basically, why the removable bar?

  • chris says:

    I always love thinking about/on the box!

    This one can be manufactured with minimal modifications within existing facilities; the biggest downside is how the final product is single use (standard boxes are ideal for multiple reuse; could reuse it how you do others) and the exposed *seam* is not automation friendly (I like how it has the overhang scores; keeping the sealing tape to the inside of the flat box will protect it in bulk storage/transportation).

  • Sandy says:

    if you put somthing heavy in the box then it will be easily opended cos simply the only tape cannot hold the box firmly but good thinking!

  • Pietro Sinistro says:

    This is the USPS (US Postal Office) free shipping boxes for their Priority Mail Shipments. Available for free at any USPS mail station, best of all the boxes are charged only by box dimension not by weight, and if you call they will pick up!

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