Power, Luxury Meet Mother Nature

When you think of Bentley, most people conjure up images of refinement, grace and traditional craftsmanship. But since 1998, when VW took over as Bentley Motors’ new owners, Bentley has shifted into high gear and moved away from the gilded luxury barges that barely differentiated them from their previous owners Rolls Royce. Now designer Gabriel Tam, at the Royal College of Art, has re-imagined an even more aggressive Bentley. Not by adding more horses or gold plated emblems, but by tackling the issue of aerodynamics. Using the specialized EXA evaluation software PowerFlow, Gabriel was able to achieve an almost perfect drag coefficient. This “Bentley Aero Ace – Speed VI” concept is a celebration of Bentley Motors illustrious racing heritage and looks to inspire Bentley designs for a new generation of greener and meaner British muscle cars, while maintaining enough luxury to make a Russian billionaire joke on his vodka. The vehicle features innovative designs such as:

  • Double wishbone suspension integrated within the adjustable front spoiler / aerofoil
  • Air intake for electric motors cooling, feeding out to twin rear heat exhaust ducts
  • Integrated diffusers aid air flow and create down force
  • Semi enclosed wheel with heat ducts for lower drag

Designer: Gabriel Tam