What to expect from the October 4th Made by Google event

It’s finally October, which means we’re immersed in the barrage of next generation handheld devices from every major manufacturer. Now, it’s Google’s turn to bring out their own next-gen lineup at tomorrow’s Made by Google event at 10 AM ET – where you can watch the live keynote on YouTube in several languages, including American Sign Language, Japanese, German, and Spanish.

You don’t have to wait that long to learn all about Google’s new flagship phones and smart watches. Thanks to a recent slew of leaks from 91mobiles back in September, there’s already plenty of information floating around the net about the new designs and specs expected with the Google Pixel 8 and Pixel Watch 2, both of which are slated to officially debut at the upcoming event.

Designer: Google

The upcoming Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro designs (showcased above) appear to retain the stylish, thin and rounded form of their predecessors, but there are some recognizable key differences between the existing Pixel 7 Pro and its successor. The first detail that might jump out in the reveal trailer is the layout of the third (telephoto) lens included at the center of the new Pixel 8 Pro camera. Previously, Google separated it off to the side, but it arguably looks neater this way. We already know a few details about the new camera as well – thanks to those aforementioned leaks. For instance, it’s rumored that both the Pixel 8 and the Pixel 8 Pro are equipped with a 50MP camera, much like the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7A lineup that came before it. But both Pixel 8 devices could use the upgraded Samsung ISOCELL GN2 lens for better performance in low-light conditions. The new camera could come with an array of filters and features that leverage Google’s increasingly advanced AI technology.

The Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro are coming alongside the new Pixel Watch 2, which is also just as sleek and bubble-shaped as the original, award-winning Pixel Watch from 2022. It’s rumored that the new watch will use the same wrist straps as the original, meaning current owners won’t need to go out and re-buy all their accessories. It’s also supposed to have a new Snapdragon W5 processor and 2 GB of RAM, making it even faster and quicker than the original.

Google already had its design locked down with a really unique and rounded aesthetic and high build quality, making Pixel a competitive alternative to Apple and Samsung devices. Whether or not the new Pixel lineup is a real improvement over its predecessors, the Made by Google event is worth analyzing when it goes live tomorrow.