These tableware designs use a silicone flap to improve the visually impaired’s eating experience

Tableware essentials such as spoons, cups, plates and bowls are classic designs whose forms have remained unchanged over time. While the majority of us find these designs beneficial in their current form, what evolution for a society entails is evolution of our everyday designs to suit not only the majority, but to be inclusive and cater to all humans alike. It is this progress and inclusiveness Jexter Lim brings to the world with his tableware design named Eatsy.

Jexter’s design process started with a relatively simple question, “How might we design an adaptive tableware to enhance dining experience for the visually impaired?” The answer was Eatsy, a set of multi-functional tableware consisting of a plate, a bowl, a cup and utensils designed with a unique feature, a silicone flap that can be bent to increase ease of usage while reducing the stigma by blending in with the existing tableware. The silicone flap is one of those minor changes that make all the difference – they provide unique sensory cues in a subtle manner for the visually impaired, helping them feel the edge of the container to guide them in their tasks – be it pouring water correctly into the cup, scooping food from the edge of your plate or even balancing your spoon on the edge so it does not slip into the food. For example, the cup’s indent or silicone flap bends inwards, helping the user identify the spot and secure that location for pouring from a jug. The raised corner of the plate is sloped in nature, helping you capture, corner and scoop food onto your spoon, making it easy for the user to scoop the food towards this corner and judge the content left on their plate. Such tasks that commonly do without realizing our dependency visual cues and taking the action for granted.

Eatsy is also user-friendly for both left and right-handed users while its stackable design makes it easy to store. The simplicity of the design ensures it is easy to implement across restaurants and home. Given the fact that it helps prevent spillage, Eatsy is user-friendly not only for visually-impaired but for the elderly, children or just about anyone who has a tendency to spill – Eatsy is just as useful for everyone as it is for the visually impaired and that’s what makes it a truly inclusive design!

Designer: Jexter Lim

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