These solar-powered camping accessories create the perfect glamping experience through their sleek, modern design

For eco-conscious travelers and adventure seekers who want their environmental footprint to be minimal, this collection of mindful camping accessories is the way to go.

Camping is gaining a lot of traction globally. According to surveys, the glamping and camping industry in the US alone is likely to grow up to 2.07 and 4.6 billion by 2026. In such a scenario, designers are toiling with ways to give avid campers various reasonable options to enhance their experience. There has thus been a considerable rise in the camping accessory with sustainable design bent, and the Shinola Camping Accessory Set titled Elves is just an extension of the collective idea.

The camping gear comprises solar-powered independent items that are designed primarily for conscious travelers who want to camp in the wilderness with little or no impact on the environment whatsoever. The highlight of the gear is the smokeless camping fire pit, which is portable, lightweight, and easy to set up. Other accessories comprising the Elves include a coffee brewer, tableware, and hanging lights.

Made with the idea to give your camping a glamping lift – sans environmental impact, the glamorous camping accessories have a sensory appeal and are all powered by clean energy. Yes, everything from the tripod-style fire pit to the drip coffee brewer and the hanging pendant lights to tableware is powered by the sun. The reimagined camping gear is made in a way that it can charge by the day and emit by night providing you an exciting experience out in the wilderness.

The S’more pit comes complete with an area to roast marshmallows, while the hanging lights create an interesting ambiance at the campsite and also light the way in occasional night walks to the loo. Featuring solar panels on the upper curved surface, the tableware diffuses light from within, and the coffee brewer keeps its station lighted while and after your cup of Joe is served. The entire set of accessories is inspired by minimalism, celebration, and environment, and that symbolism is carried beyond the looks.

Designer: Simpo Design