Microwave Cooking With The Desktop

The BrainWave is a desktop microwave that will come in handy for workaholics and bookworms, who can’t seem to tear themselves away from their computer screens. The appliance works with the C8 port connected to the mains and is controlled through a computer application connected via USB. A RFID-tagged plastic spoon comes along with specially packaged meals and scanning the tag transmits the meal info to the microwave. This in turn auto sets the heating time. I’m not a fan of ready-to-eat meals, but piping hot microwave spaghetti beats eating a cold sandwich any day!

Designer: Stephen Richard Gates

BrainWave - Desktop Microwave Oven by Stephen Richard Gates






  • Wow, this is just amazing. I so like the design! I would really get one.

  • Dhrubo Paul says:

    This is absolutely stupid.

  • Josephine says:

    Great Idea and Design. I love the rendering especially on the close ups!!

  • Chris says:

    I’m often too busy to grab a proper lunch at work. A desktop microwave would solve that! Great idea!!

  • mif991 says:

    The user still needs to go to the freezer to get the box and a drink, he may as well place it on the microwave there. I like the presentation though.

  • Nicely designed, but for some reason it just reminds me how unhealthy packaged meals are.

  • yenter says:

    I thought that microwaves had like radiowaves or something, or has technology managed to stop them entirely from coming out? From what I remember (which was a long time ago), we shouldn’t stand too close to the microwave while it’s in use. And won’t there be effects to the computer too…

    • Jonathan says:

      Microwaves (from an oven) aren’t harmful in the same ways as more energetic forms of radiation. They can burn you, and not just on the surface. That’s the extent of their damaging effects. They don’t actually affect DNA, like nastier forms of radiation do.

  • LOL love it when a “designer” just cranks up the old rhino with out a clue as to what actually go’s into something. There is NO WAY a magnetron, huge capacitor and a big ass step up transformer would fit into that package. Bit of advice, do some research first, mmmm k.

    • Oh and further, better check on that chamber dimension, a domestic oven uses a wave with a frequency of 4.9″ so your oven dimensions should reflect that little fact.

  • Sam says:

    Should we be encouraging ready-to-eat meals? Making a meal with old fashioned pots and pans (what are they?!) is healthy not only in the sense that you put less GM crap in you, but also to get away from the PC screen (which is, you’ve got it, unhealthy at lenght).. Sure, a little bit of microwave is convenient, but mess on your desk, a spoiled spine and a bigger gut is all that’ll result. Brainwave, meet your market leader, the pot.

  • Johnny says:

    Good idea, just dont like the way this thing is demanding you to buy 1 type of meal with a special fork and what not.
    Can you actually put other brands in ?
    I know their trying to monopolize their frozen meals but that is VERY hard looking at the demand for these things.

  • hukiworld says:

    Awesome idea! Hope it becomes a reality so I can get this as a gift for my dad lol!

  • jul says:

    Hmnnn yeah it appeals to me except I want to cook any ready meal I want and any brand not just special ones come on!

    No I want a bk my way ok, or no dice!
    And I dont want to break the bank for one of these things – but if it lasts for at least 2 years I would deffinately buy it again and expect some new swanky fandangled modifications to it yayyyy for personal office micro’s get the boss to pay too he he he for a business version – a kinda perk, yeah boss show appreciation with your purchasing power

  • says:

    hi,i am chenese,I think this a very good product
    How it is made?

  • DeeDee says:

    Jack Donaghy came up with this already. It’ the Pocket Microwave/Funcooker!

  • J.choi says:

    if I’m a chief of department, i will not let them eat in office

  • AAAHHH says:

    It does not look like a cookware. I cannot trust food that comes out of a printer.

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