The YOGGI Ball fits your post-workout therapy into one single portable device

As important as exercising is, making sure you cool down properly and end your exercising on the right note is just as important. An abrupt break from exercising could cause sore muscles, a spiked heart-rate, and lactic-acid buildup in your system, causing you to feel lethargic and lazy after a workout. Designed to be a post-workout therapist that you can carry with you, the YOGGI BALL is a customizable, modular massager and hot-compress that helps loosen stiff muscles and relieve post-workout fatigue by relaxing your tensed muscles. The baseball-shaped device comes with different modules that snap on and let you use it on different parts of your body, depending on where you feel the physical stress. You can use it either as a point-ball, acu-point massager, or a dual-point roller by simply attaching and detaching the YOGGI BALL’s various modular grips and accessories.

A good workout isn’t complete without a good massage to really bring your adrenaline level down and bust those stiff muscles. The YOGGI BALL doesn’t just work as a vibrating massager, it heats up too, relaxing your sore muscles faster and breaking up those complex lactic acids that build up while intensely exercising because your body doesn’t absorb enough oxygen to break down the glucose in your blood. The YOGGI BALL comes with 3 vibration settings along with a heat setting that goes up to 40°C, providing instant physiotherapy and promoting better blood flow by dilating your blood vessels. Its ball-shape packs two motors on the inside, while the outside is the perfect size for carrying around… couple that with the easy-to-mount attachments and the YOGGI BALL turns into an entire physiotherapy kit, allowing you to give yourself a full-body-massage, letting you use it standing up, sitting, or even lying down. When all’s said and done, the therapeutic device slides right into your bag along with your workout equipment and clothes!

Designer: Yamaha Tsung

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YOGGI BALL: The All-in-One, Whole-Body Massage System

YOGGI BALL is a versatile, convenient and compact massage system. It features an all-in-one Modular Quick-Lock System. Its dual detachable massage balls, acupoint therapy, 3-speed vibration and in-built heat therapy relieve sore, tight muscles in every inch of your body.

Whether you’re sitting at a desk all day, working out or playing sport, YOGGI BALL has got your back… and neck, shoulders, hips and anywhere else you feel pain. So, you can perform better, recover faster and live pain-free.

Personal Physiotherapist On-The-Go

Designed in partnership with leading physiotherapists, YOGGI Ball delivers targeted treatment and deep healing to be the most effective therapeutic solution. The next best thing to having your own personal physiotherapist with you 24/7.

Patent-Pending All-in-One Design

Everyone’s pain is different. That’s why we made YOGGI Ball completely customizable. Thanks to a Modular Quick-Lock System you can quickly and easily adapt YOGGI Ball for personalized pain relief.

The Best of Both Worlds: Automatic & Manual Therapy

YOGGI Ball’s ergonomically designed attachments target your primary and secondary muscle groups through versatile rolling, pressure and pinpointing therapy techniques. It’s the best of both worlds: automatic and manual therapy to hit deep into sore muscles, painful trigger points and stiff joints.

Made from medical-grade silicone, YOGGI BALL is powered by twin motors and a long-life rechargeable battery.

Heat + Vibration = Ultimate Healing

Heat and vibration therapy are known to significantly enhance recovery.That’s why YOGGI BALL features in-built heat and 3-speed vibration therapy.

With the simple push of a button, you’ll experience soothing heat and vibration throughout your aching muscles and joints. Just sit back and let YOGGI BALL do all the work.

Why Heat Therapy?

Heat therapy is highly effective for promoting blood flow, dilating blood vessels, lowering joint stiffness and reducing muscle inflammation and pain.

Why Vibration Therapy?

Vibration therapy helps eliminate knots and tension in your muscles, reduce cramps, increase blood flow and promote joint stabilization. Plus, it speeds up the muscle recovery process.

Together, heat and vibration therapy are proven to deliver advanced recovery and healing.

By combining these two incredibly effective treatments in YOGGI BALL, rolling and kneading massage techniques become so much more effective. And with three speeds to choose from, you can choose the exact level of vibration therapy you need.

How to Use

To connect your YOGGI Ball, simply align the bolt bearing of the connector to the groove slot of the massage ball. Then, slide it along the slot until it locks securely in place.

To instantly switch between massage functions, simply snap and twist attachments using the Quick-Lock System. With just a couple of clicks, you can switch between dual ball rolling massage, targeted single ball massage, deep trigger point release, and heating and vibrating therapy.

Slide each end of the YOGGI BALL towards the logo mark to disconnect.

Heat and vibration with the push of a button. Simply press the function button to turn on, change vibration speed, and turn off.


Made For Our On-the-Go World

Whether you’re a fitness fanatic, athlete, frequent traveler, weekend warrior or office worker, YOGGI Ball goes with you everywhere and adapts to your exact lifestyle.

Take Care of Your Body, Anywhere

YOGGI BALL is so flexible it can be used standing, sitting or lying — no matter where you are. Anytime you need instant and easy pain relief, simply use the YOGGI BALL.

In the Set

How Does it Work

YOGGI BALL is designed for total body therapy

Its ergonomic, precisely shaped attachments hit deep into sore muscles with therapist-grade rolling, kneading, vibrating and heating treatment. YOGGI BALL targets all minor and core muscle groups.

When the YOGGI BALL is in its original POINTBALL form, it’s an incredibly versatile tool that hits deep into almost any muscle, like hamstrings, quads, calves and trapezius.

Often your pain stems from sore, hard-to-reach trigger points deep in muscles. The pointed handle attachment transforms YOGGI BALL into the ACUPOINT BALL to target sharp pressure points, such as the forearm, neck, chest, head and feet. It works just like the expert fingers of a physiotherapist.

YOGGI BALL is remarkably customizable. Connect a second ball attachment to instantly convert it to a DUALPOINT ROLLER to target large muscle groups like your back, legs and hips.




Click Here to Buy Now: $39 $60 (35% off).