Layer Design’s feline-friendly furniture is every cat lover’s delight!

Once upon a time, I would proudly call myself a dog person. Not just a dog person, but an anti-cat person, as I never quite understood the appeal of having a cat, until I got two of them as my cats-in-law! Cats are smart intelligent companions and as per studies, roughly 42.7 million people are cat-owners in the USA alone, with the millennials owning up a huge chunk of them. Frankly, that does make sense to me. The world is getting smaller yet people are more lonely each day, with these furry pals coming to their rescue! So yes, cats are adorable and we will do almost anything to make these felines love us back. Keeping in mind our wish to give only the best for our cats, LAYER Design by Benjamin Hubert has created products for the New York-based start-up Cat Person, an entire brand dedicated to bringing cat-friendly furniture for every cat lover!

Starting with the absolute basics, Cat Person brings you two innovative designs to make you and your cat happy! Meet Canopy Bed, a unique 3-in-1 design that makes life easier for your cat and you. The Canopy Bed comes with a playful and colorful base that is easy to show off for the cat owner, matching with today’s modern interiors. But the real show-stealer is the detachable canopy – you can remove it, fold it to create a soft wall or if your pet is feeling shy or wants their own space, the canopy literally forms a tent above their head! This multipurpose design allows each cat owner and cat to experiment with different settings using the same product and change things as needed. After all, we all know how moody the human can be! The detachable form of the canopy also makes it easier to clean and folds flat for storage. LAYER’s design experience shines through here in their use of soft geometric forms in colorful variants that invite cats and their owners alike.

The second product launched in this range is the Mesa Bowl – a modular feeding station that ensures your cat need not bend uncomfortably to access their food. The focus here is on the modularity of the product. The brand believes each cat has its own style and the Mesa Bowl is designed to allow you to work the product to suit your cat. The Mesa Bowl consists of three parts – the main bowl to hold the food, a sculptural stand that elevates the food for your cat and a tray that holds the entire piece together as well as catching any accidental spills. Every individual piece is made using durable non-BPA plastic and the shallow nature of the bowl accommodates the cat’s facial profile, letting them eat without agitating their whiskers and keeping them free of “whisker fatigue”.

From the time you get a little kitten into your home and hearts till they turn into the cat that will ultimately rule your heart, both of these products are designed to grow with your cats. These products form the basis of your connection with your cat, from playful, colorful designs to modularity, LAYER’s attention to detail will make this exciting journey comfortable for you as you both find your way. What more can the human ask for!

Designer: LAYER Design for Cat Person

The Canopy Bed

Canopy Bed is a simple yet inspired 3-in-1 cat bed that responds to feline behaviors. Most cats will sleep up to 17 hours each day, with kittens and older cats napping for even longer.

Canopy Bed

Canopy Bed is made from a durable recycled PET felt material and can be adapted to different napping situation throughout the day.

There are three options for configuration of the canopy to fit a cat’s mood – whether they want to hide away, feel protected, or lounge openly.

The circular footprint of the memory foam cushion snugly accommodates the naturally curved sleeping position of a cat, and the durable felted PET material can withstand cat “kneading” and scratching behavior.

Canopy Bed is available in three different colorways: Jungle, Tundra, and Savanna.

The Mesa Bowl

Mesa Bowl is a modular cat feeding station that offers a comfortable setting for cats to feed from, celebrating their uniquely feline character.

Mesa Bowl

The rounded bowl, made from durable non-BPA plastic, sits atop a sculptural stand, avoiding the need for cats to crouch or hunch.

The elegant arrangement of the food bowl and stand takes its design cues from premium homewares, offering an easy-to-clean and durable product that cat persons are proud to display in their homes.

The feeding station “grows” with the cat as the bowl can be used directly on the tray for a kitten or on the stand for adult cats.

Mesa Bowl is available in three colourways: Jungle, Tundra, and Savanna.

“With Cat Person, we saw an opportunity to disrupt a market underserved by good design with a collection of products to connect with a new generation of cat owners. The collection is based on extensive research into cat and cat owner behaviors to find new insights that have driven innovative features. The resulting collection not only meets the specific needs of domestic cats, but also seamlessly integrates into the home life of owners and offers an opportunity for them to celebrate their feline friends.” says Benjamin Hubert, Founder LAYER.